DC - VERTIGO -2722 комикса, 180 серий +oneshots (CBR) 4 Horsemen, Animal Man, Battle Axes, Blood, Books of Magic, Crusades, Death, DMZ, Fables, Goddess, Hellblazer, House of Secrets, Invisibles, Jonah Hex, Lucifer, Sandman, Swamp Thing, Tank Girl и п аннотация к книге (журналу)

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VERTIGO - подборка серий комиксов от издательства -2588 комиксов (CBR) Название: VERTIGO - подборка серий комиксов от издательства -2588 комиксов (CBR)
Аннотация: Vertigo was founded in the wake of DC's successful "mature" comics of the late 1980s, beginning with Saga of the Swamp Thing and continuing with Hellblazer, The Sandman, and Moonshadow, though its roots go back to the beginning of House of Mystery in 1951. In 1993, Karen Berger and DC officially founded the Vertigo line to attract writers who wanted to publish "mature" comics of this sort, without having to worry about offending parents and young children. In an era when almost all of the big names in comics were artists, and most companies were pushing the art over story (such as the well known Image Comics), Vertigo was unique in pushing writers to the forefront.
Although many of the initial Vertigo publications were set in the DC Universe (Hellblazer, Swamp Thing, Doom Patrol, Animal Man, The Books of Magic, The Sandman, etc.), progressively they have been disconnected from the DCU, leaving the "superheroes" out. Because of this, the continuity with the regular DC titles is unclear, and sometimes contradictory. In addition to these older titles that were set under this print, a plethora of new titles was introduced without being constrained to a setting in the DC universe.
Vertigo has proven influential on the comic book industry, particularly because of its success with sales of trade paperbacks and graphic novels. Collections of Sandman continued to sell on a regular basis long after the original issues had become scarce, prompting Vertigo to reprint more and more of its library in the paperback format. This had the additional effect of penetrating the bookstore market and extended the "shelf life" of these comics from one month to virtual infinity. Some series, such as Transmetropolitan, did not always sell well as serialized monthly issues but continued to be published because DC/Vertigo was confident that trade paperback sales would be strong. Due partially to Vertigo's success with the format, by the mid-2000s nearly every publisher was collecting the majority of its serialized comics into trade paperbacks.
Since its inception, Vertigo has retroactively claimed many mature DC books that were published before its founding in 1993, such as Swamp Thing, Animal Man (which was not a mature readers title until issue #51, six issues before becoming a Vertigo title), and V for Vendetta. Transmetropolitan was initially launched under DC's short-lived Helix imprint but soon switched to Vertigo. Even a collection of the best of House of Mystery appeared under the Vertigo imprint, as has the Collector's Milestone reprint of House of Mystery #1.
In 2005, Vertigo expanded its label to include the cinema with the release of the movie Constantine, loosely based on the long-running comic Hellblazer. A History of Violence (originally a Paradox Press title) came out on September 23, 2005. A movie adaptation of V for Vendetta was released on March 17, 2006. A movies based on Y The Last Man as well as a Constantine sequel are currently in the works.
As of 2007, Hellblazer is the only Vertigo published book that has run continuously since the inception of the imprint.
список серий
\!One Shots\ (58)
Absolute Vertigo (1995).cbr
Bigg Time (2002).cbr
Constantine Movie Adaptation (2005).cbr
Dean Motter - The Heart of the Beast.cbr
Dhampire - Stillborn.cbr
Doctor 13 #01 (Sub-Imprint).cbr
Doctor Occult (Sub-Imprint).cbr
Dog Moon (1996).cbr
History of Violence TPB #01 (1997).cbr
I, Paparazzi.cbr
In the Shadow of Edgar Allan Poe (2002).cbr
Incognegro (2008).cbr
It's A Bird (Superman).cbr
Kill Your Boyfriend (1995).cbr
Little Endless Storybook (2001).cbr
Lovecraft (2003).cbr
Menz Insana.cbr
Mercy (1993).cbr
Mr Punch.cbr
Pride of Baghdad.cbr
Rogan Gosh (1994).cbr
Sandman Presents - The Furies (2002).cbr
Seven Miles a Second (1996).cbr
Sgt Rock - Between Hell and a Hard Place.cbr
Sleepy Hollow (2000).cbr
The Eaters #01.cbr
The Fountain.cbr
The Geek #01 (Sub-Imprint).cbr
The Heart Of The Beast (1994).cbr
The House on the Borderland (2000).cbz
The Mystery Play.cbz
The Quitter (2005).cbr
Toxic Gumbo (1998).cbr
True Faith.cbr
Vertical (2003).cbr
Vertigo - First Taste (2005).cbr
Vertigo Gallery - Dreams and Nightmares #01 (1995).cbz
Vertigo Jam #1 - Louder Than Noise (1993).cbz
Vertigo Preview #01.cbr
Vertigo Preview X (2003).cbz
Vertigo Rave - Featuring The Lot (Books of Magic).cbz
Vertigo Sampler #01 (1992).cbr
Vertigo Verite - Hell Eternal.cbr
Vertigo Visions - Prez (Smells Like Teen President...) (1995).cbz
Vertigo Visions - The Phantom Stranger (1993).cbr
Vertigo Visions - Tomahawk (1998).cbr
Violent Cases.cbr
Warren Ellis - Orbiter.cbr
Weird War Tales - Special (2000).cbr
Welcome Back to the House of Mystery (1998).cbz
Zatanna - Everyday Magic (2003).cbr
\!Pre-Vertigo\Kid Eternity (pre-vertigo)\ (3)
\!Pre-Vertigo\Mister E (Books of Magic - (2) (pre-vertigo) (Vertigo)\ (4)
\!Pre-Vertigo\Skreemer (pre-vertigo)\ (6)
Black Orchid.cbr
Tank Girl - The Movie.cbr
Tell Me Dark.cbr
\100 Bullets (ongoing) (Vertigo)\ (93)
\100 percent (Vertigo)\ (5)
\2020 Visions (Vertigo)\ (12)
\4 Horsemen (Vertigo)\ (4)
\Accelerate (Vertigo)\ (4)
\Adventures In The Rifle Brigade - Operation Bollock (Vertigo)\ (4)
\Adventures in the Rifle Brigade (Vertigo)\ (4)
\American Century (Vertigo)\ (27)
\American Freak (Vertigo)\ (5)
\American Splendor (Vertigo)\ (4)
\American Virgin (ongoing) (Vertigo)\ (15)
\Angel and the Ape (2001) (Vertigo)\ (4)
\Angeltown (Vertigo)\ (5)
\Animal Man (Vertigo)\ (1)
\Animal Man (Vertigo)\[1-26] Grant Morrison\ (26)
\Animal Man (Vertigo)\[27-32] Peter Milligan\ (6)
\Animal Man (Vertigo)\[33-50] Tom Veitch\ (18)
\Animal Man (Vertigo)\[51-79] Jamie Delano\ (29)
\Animal Man (Vertigo)\[80-89] Jerry Prosser\ (10)
\Army@Love (Vertigo)\ (12)
\Battle Axes (2000) (Vertigo)\ (4)
\Beware The Creeper (Vertigo)\ (5)
\Bite Club (Vertigo)\ (6)
\Bite Club (Vertigo)\Bite Club - Vampire Crime Unit\ (5)
\Black Orchid (с) (Vertigo)\ (24)
\Blood - A Tale (Vertigo)\ (4)
\Blood and Shadows (Vertigo)\ (4)
\Blood and Water (Vertigo)\ (5)
\Books of Faeire (Books of Magic - (5) (Vertigo)\ (0)
\Books of Faeire (Books of Magic - (5) (Vertigo)\Auberon's Tale\ (3)
\Books of Faeire (Books of Magic - (5) (Vertigo)\Molly's Story\ (4)
\Books of Faeire (Books of Magic - (5) (Vertigo)\The Books of Faerie\ (3)
\Books of Magic 01-75 + Annuals (4b) (Books of Magic - (4a) (Vertigo)\ (75)
\Books of Magic 01-75 + Annuals (4b) (Books of Magic - (4a) (Vertigo)\(4b) The B
\Books of Magic 1-4 (Books of Magic - (1) (Vertigo)\ (5)
\Books of Magick - Life During Wartime 01-15 (Books of Magic - (8) (ongoing) (Ve
\Brave Old World (2000) (Vertigo)\ (2)
\Chiaroscuro - The Private Lives of Leonardo Da Vinci (Vertigo)\ (10)
\Children's Crusade (Books of Magic - (3) (Vertigo)\ (7)
\Codename Knockout (Vertigo)\ (24)
\Congo Bill (Vertigo)\ (3)
\Crossing Midnight (ongoing) (Vertigo)\ (7)
\Cruel and Unusual [complete] (Vertigo)\ (4)
\Crusades (Vertigo)\ (20)
\Deadenders (с) (Vertigo)\ (16)
\Deadman (ongoing) (Vertigo)\ (9)
\Death - The High Cost Of Living (Sandman Group) (Vertigo)\ (3)
\Death - The Time Of Your Life (Sandman Group) (Vertigo)\ (3)
\Death misc (Sandman Group) (Vertigo)\ (2)
\Destiny - A Chronicle of Deaths Foretold (1-3) (Sandman Group) (Vertigo)\ (3)
\DMZ (Vertigo)\ (32)
\Dreaming (с) (Vertigo)\ (60)
\Dreaming (с) (Vertigo)\The Dreaming Special\ (1)
\Egypt (Vertigo)\ (7)
\El Diablo (2001) (Vertigo)\ (4)
\Enigma (1993) (Vertigo)\ (8)
\Exterminators (ongoing) (Vertigo)\ (29)
\Extremist (1993) (Vertigo)\ (4)
\Fables (Vertigo)\ (76)
\Fables (Vertigo)\extras\ (8)
\Faith (Vertigo)\ (5)
\Faultlines (1997) (Vertigo)\ (6)
\Fight for Tomorrow (Vertigo)\ (6)
\Filth (2002) (Vertigo)\ (13)
\Finals (1999) (Vertigo)\ (4)
\Flex Mentallo (1996) (Vertigo)\ (4)
\Flinch 1-16 (1999) (Vertigo)\ (16)
\Gangland (1998) (Vertigo)\ (4)
\Ghostdancing (1995) (Vertigo)\ (6)
\Gifts of the Night (1999) (Vertigo)\ (5)
\Girl (Vertigo)\ (3)
\Girl Who Would Be Death (1998) (Vertigo)\ (4)
\Goddess (1995) (Vertigo)\ (8)
\Grip - The Strange World of Men (Vertigo)\ (5)
\Happydale - Devils in the Desert (Vertigo)\ (2)
\Heart Throbs (Vertigo)\ (4)
\Heavy Liquid (Vertigo)\ (5)
\Hellblazer - Bad Blood (Specials) (Vertigo)\ (4)
\Hellblazer - Lady Constantine (Specials) (Vertigo)\ (4)
\Hellblazer - Love Street (Specials) (Vertigo)\ (3)
\Hellblazer - The Books of Magic (Books of Magic - (4c) (Vertigo)\ (2)
\Hellblazer - The Horrorist (Specials) (Vertigo)\ (2)
\Hellblazer - The Trenchcoat Brigade (Specials) (Vertigo)\ (4)
\Hellblazer - Vertigo Secret Files (Specials) (Vertigo)\ (2)
\Hellblazer (ongoing) (Vertigo)\ (232)
\Hellblazer (ongoing) (Vertigo)\Annual\ (1)
\Hellblazer (ongoing) (Vertigo)\Specials\ (9)
\Hellblazer (ongoing) (Vertigo)\Specials\Cover\ (2)
\Hellblazer Special - Papa Midnite (2005) (Specials) (Vertigo)\ (5)
\House of Secrets - Facade (2001) (Vertigo)\ (2)
\House of Secrets (Vertigo)\ (0)
\House of Secrets (Vertigo)\House of Secrets v1 (1996)\ (13)
\House of Secrets (Vertigo)\House of Secrets v2\ (12)
\Human Target (ongoing) (Vertigo)\ (1)
\Human Target (ongoing) (Vertigo)\Human Target v1 (1999)\ (4)
\Human Target (ongoing) (Vertigo)\Human Target v2\ (21)
\Hunter - The Age of Magic 01-25 (Books of Magic - (7) (Vertigo)\ (25)
\Industrial Gothic (Vertigo)\ (5)
\Invisibles (Vertigo)\ (1)
\Invisibles (Vertigo)\v1\ (25)
\Invisibles (Vertigo)\v2\ (22)
\Invisibles (Vertigo)\v3\ (12)
\Jack of Fables (ongoing) (Vertigo)\ (23)
\Jonah Hex - Riders of the Worm (complete) (Vertigo)\ (5)
\Jonah Hex - Shadows West (complete) (Vertigo)\ (3)
\Jonah Hex - The Two Gun Mojo (complete) (Vertigo)\ (5)
\Jonny Double (1998) (Vertigo)\ (4)
\Junk Culture (Vertigo)\ (2)
\Kid Eternity 1-16 (Vertigo)\ (16)
\Last One (1993) (Vertigo)\ (6)
\Losers (ongoing) (Vertigo)\ (32)
\Loveless (ongoing) (Vertigo)\ (24)
\Lucifer (Sandman Group) (ongoing) (Vertigo)\ (75)
\Lucifer (Sandman Group) (ongoing) (Vertigo)\Specials\ (0)
\Lucifer (Sandman Group) (ongoing) (Vertigo)\Specials\Lucifer - Nirvana\ (1)
\Lucifer (Sandman Group) (ongoing) (Vertigo)\Specials\Lucifer - The Morningstar
\Madame Xanadu (Vertigo)\ (1)
\Midnight, Mass - Here There Be Monsters (2004) (Vertigo)\ (6)
\Midnight, Mass (2002) (Vertigo)\ (8)
\Millennium Fever (Vertigo)\ (4)
\Minx (1998) (Vertigo)\ (8)
\Mnemovore (2005) (Vertigo)\ (6)
\Mobfire (Vertigo)\ (6)
\Moonshadow (1994) (Vertigo)\ (13)
\Muktuk Wolfsbreath - Hard-boiled Shaman (Vertigo)\ (3)
\My Faith in Frankie (Vertigo)\ (4)
\Mythos - The Final Tour (Vertigo)\ (3)
\Names of Magic 1-5 (Books of Magic - (6) (Vertigo)\ (5)
\Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere (2005) (Vertigo)\ (10)
\Nevada (1998) (Vertigo)\ (6)
\Northlanders (Vertigo)\ (7)
\Originals (Obi) (Vertigo)\ (2)
\Other Side (Vertigo)\ (5)
\Otherworld (2005) (Vertigo)\ (7)
\Outlaw Nation (с) (Vertigo)\ (20)
\Preacher (с) (Vertigo)\ (60)
\Preacher (с) (Vertigo)\Preacher Specials\ (10)
\Pride & Joy (Vertigo)\ (4)
\Proposition Player (Vertigo)\ (6)
\Pulp Fantastic (2000) (Vertigo)\ (3)
\Pumpkin Time (1998) (Vertigo)\ (1)
\Sandman (Vertigo)\ (75)
\Sandman (Vertigo)\Oneshots\ (12)
\Sandman Mystery Theatre - Sleep of Reason (Vertigo)\ (4)
\Sandman Mystery Theatre (Vertigo)\ (72)
\Sandman Presents - Bast (Vertigo)\ (3)
\Sandman Presents - Dead Boy Detectives (Vertigo)\ (5)
\Sandman Presents - Love Street (Vertigo)\ (3)
\Sandman Presents - Lucifer (1999) (Vertigo)\ (3)
\Sandman Presents - Petrefax (Vertigo)\ (4)
\Sandman Presents - The Corinthian (Vertigo)\ (3)
\Sandman Presents - The Thessaliad (Vertigo)\ (4)
\Sandman Presents - Thessaly (Vertigo)\ (4)
\Sandman Presents (Vertigo)\ (5)
\Scalped (Vertigo)\ (17)
\Scarab (Vertigo)\ (8)
\Scene of the Crime (1999) (Vertigo)\ (4)
\Sci Spy (2002) (Vertigo)\ (6)
\Seaguy (Vertigo)\ (3)
\Sebastian O (Vertigo)\ (3)
\Seekers Into The Mystery (с) (Vertigo)\ (15)
\Shade, The Changing Man (с) (Vertigo)\ (70)
\Shadows Fall (Vertigo)\ (6)
\Skin Graft (Vertigo)\ (4)
\Stardust (Vertigo)\ (5)
\Strange Adventures (1999) (Vertigo)\ (4)
\Swamp Thing (ongoing) (Vertigo)\ (0)
\Swamp Thing (ongoing) (Vertigo)\Swamp Thing Specials\ (3)
\Swamp Thing (ongoing) (Vertigo)\Swamp Thing V1\ (24)
\Swamp Thing (ongoing) (Vertigo)\Swamp Thing V1.5 - Challengers of the Unknown\
\Swamp Thing (ongoing) (Vertigo)\Swamp Thing V2\ (0)
\Swamp Thing (ongoing) (Vertigo)\Swamp Thing V2\[110 -139] Nancy A Collins\ (30)
\Swamp Thing (ongoing) (Vertigo)\Swamp Thing V2\[1-19] Marty Pasko\ (19)
\Swamp Thing (ongoing) (Vertigo)\Swamp Thing V2\[140-171] Mark Millar\ (32)
\Swamp Thing (ongoing) (Vertigo)\Swamp Thing V2\[20-64] Alan Moore\ (46)
\Swamp Thing (ongoing) (Vertigo)\Swamp Thing V2\[65-87] Rick Veitch\ (23)
\Swamp Thing (ongoing) (Vertigo)\Swamp Thing V2\[88-109] Doug Wheeler\ (22)
\Swamp Thing (ongoing) (Vertigo)\Swamp Thing V2\[Annuals]\ (6)
\Swamp Thing (ongoing) (Vertigo)\Swamp Thing V3\ (20)
\Swamp Thing (ongoing) (Vertigo)\Swamp Thing V4\ (29)
\System (1996) (Vertigo)\ (3)
\Tank Girl (Vertigo)\ (0)
\Tank Girl (Vertigo)\Tank Girl - Apocalypse\ (4)
\Tank Girl (Vertigo)\Tank Girl - The Movie\ (1)
\Tank Girl (Vertigo)\Tank Girl - The Odyssey\ (4)
\Tank Girl (Vertigo)\Tank Girl 2 (Dark Horse)\ (4)
\Tank Girl (Vertigo)\Tank Girl Graphic Novel\ (1)
\Tattered Banners (Vertigo)\ (4)
\Terminal City (Vertigo)\ (10)
\Terminal City- Aerial Graffiti (Vertigo)\ (6)
\Testament (ongoing) (Vertigo)\ (21)
\Transmetropolitan (Vertigo)\ (62)
\Transmetropolitan (Vertigo)\Transmetropolitan Specials\ (9)
\Trenchcoat Brigade (Vertigo)\ (4)
\Trigger (2005) (ongoing) (Vertigo)\ (8)
\Uncle Sam (Vertigo)\ (2)
\Unknown Soldier (1997) (Vertigo)\ (4)
\Unseen Hand (1996) (Vertigo)\ (4)
\User (2001) (Vertigo)\ (3)
\V for Vendetta 1-10@ (Vertigo)\ (11)
\Vamps - Hollywood & Vein (Vertigo)\ (6)
\Vamps - Pumpkin Time (Vertigo)\ (2)
\Vamps (1994) (Vertigo)\ (6)
\Vertigo 2K (Sub-Imprint) (Vertigo)\ (0)
\Vertigo 2K (Sub-Imprint) (Vertigo)\4 Horsemen\ (4)
\Vertigo 2K (Sub-Imprint) (Vertigo)\Brave Old World - 1 to 4\ (2)
\Vertigo 2K (Sub-Imprint) (Vertigo)\Kyle Baker Comics\ (6)
\Vertigo Pop! Bangkok (Vertigo)\ (4)
\Vertigo Pop! London (Vertigo)\ (4)
\Vertigo Pop! Tokyo (Vertigo)\ (4)
\Vertigo Tarot (1995) (Vertigo)\ (7)
\Vimanarama (2005) (Vertigo)\ (3)
\Vinyl Underground (Vertigo)\ (8)
\War Story (2001) (Vertigo)\ (8)
\War Story II (2003) (Vertigo)\ (3)
\WE3 (Vertigo)\ (3)
\Weird War Tales v2 (Vertigo)\ (0)
\Weird War Tales v2 (Vertigo)\Weird War Tales v2\ (6)
\Weird Western Tales (Vertigo)\ (4)
\Winter's Edge (Vertigo)\ (3)
\Witchcraft - La Terreur (Vertigo)\ (3)
\WitchCraft (1994) (Vertigo)\ (3)
\Witching (Vertigo)\ (10)
\Witching Hour (1999) (Vertigo)\ (3)
\Y - The Last Man (ongoing) (Vertigo)\ (59)
\Young Liars (Vertigo)\ (4)
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