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Object-Oriented ActionScript 3.0 Название: Object-Oriented ActionScript 3.0
Автор: Todd Yard, Peter Elst, Sas Jacobs
Жанр: Практическое руководство
Год (годы): 2007
Издательство: Friends of ED
ISBN: 1-59059-845-8
Формат: PDF
Качество: eBook (изначально компьютерное)
Количество страниц: 640
Язык: Английский
-Learn object-oriented programming in ActionScript 3.0
-Covers both the Flash and Flex environments
-Includes design patterns, custom frameworks, data binding, and other crucial techniques
Object-oriented programming (OOP) is something that is usually considered a black art for hardcore programmers, not a topic of conversation for Flash developers. However, when adobe introduced ActionScript 3.0 to the mix, it changed everything. ActionScript 3.0 is much more powerful than previous versions, allowing Flash developers to produce robust object-oriented applications. but with that power comes great responsibility—OOP is now a requirement, rather than optional, and there are new things to learn.
But never fear—this book, based on the ever-popular Object-Oriented ActionScript for Flash 8, provides you all you need to delve into the world of OOP with confidence, whether you are using the Flash IDE, Flex builder, or even command-line tools for your development work.
First, you are taken gently through all the principles of OOP that you need to know, and then given a guide to designing and implementing applications in ActionScript 3.0. Next, we step up a gear, showing you the Flex builder development environment and teaching about creating reusable, extensible component frameworks—manager classes, animation and effects classes, UI widgets, and more. lastly, we look at some more advanced topics such as communication between Flash and the browser and Web services. case studies are included that apply the knowledge presented, giving you real-world projects to learn from and adapt for use in your own work.
Mastering object-oriented programming is essential for modern Flash development, and Object-Oriented ActionScript 3.0 is the only guide you'll need.
In this book you'll learn:
-the essential principles of object-oriented programming, including inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism, and more
-Valuable lessons on ActionScript 3.0 project planning and programming, including design patterns and source control
-How to create your own extensible, reusable application framework using OOP best practices
-Advanced data integration techniques such as Web services and communication between Flash and the browser

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